Do good, feel good. Do better , be better.  Gain more. Give more.

Here at Karama, giving back is at the heart of our company's aim. Karama comes from the Arabic word 'kareem', which means generosity. We want to create a movement that makes the world a better place. We feel it is our duty to give whenever we gain. We want to make your shopping experience not only fun but also meaningful in knowing that whatever you purchased a part of it will go to someone in need. We don’t want you to just look good but also feel good. 5% of Karama proceeds will go towards different charities that we believe in.  We will give you a chance to nominate a charity you hold dear to your heart. We will rotate between these non profit organizations. 

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We want to dedicate our work and your generosity to the Mental Health America

Why is mental health important to us?

As a lifestyle brand, we take responsibility for creating a platform that will inspire you to design a life filled with peace and purpose. And we believe in order to achieve peace and purpose in your life you have to feel good mind, body, and soul. 

Mental health has sadly been taboo and with a degree in Psychology our founder Hoda J decided that it is time to shed some light on mental illness. 

Mental illness holds dear to Hoda's heart, for one main reason- her father. Her father is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Throughout most of her life, she saw the struggle mental illness had on her father and her family. It is because of this struggle she pursuit the degree in Psychology.  Mental illness is not something to shy away from it is a very real and painful illness that over 40 million people in America alone suffer from.

The stigma of mental illness needs to stop. 



Do you have a charity in mind that you would like us to donate to, tell us and we will try our best to work with that charity. Do Good, Feel Good.

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