Desert Blooms Luxury Square Scarf/Tapestry

Desert Blooms Luxury Square Scarf/Tapestry


The first of its kind - scarf/tapestry! Wearable artwork that you can hang on a wall or wear as a scarf.

Voyage to the daring deserts of Morocco with this sand color smooth scarf embellished artisan watercolor peonies.

A scarf curated from the finest wrinkle-free fabric.


The Finer Details: 

  • Original photograph designed by Karama 
  •  Viscose/Georgette blend
  •  Size: 40x40 inches
  •  Hand Wash Only
  • Karama logo branded 
  • Anti-Wrinkle Fabric


*Colors may vary due to different monitor settings.

**Part of your purchase will go to charity. Thank you.**

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