O U R   D E S I G N E R 

From psychology to interior design...

 Hoda J, always made sure to choose degrees that fulfilled her passion for pursuing peace and purpose in one's life. Growing up in the New York Metropolitan area, Hoda was inspired by the diversity and energy the great city had to offer.   She was devoted to bringing her passion in design and excitment together, thus founding Karama Company in 2012.  Hoda wanted to bring her love for the human mind and interior design into one platform,which is why her unique design serve as inspirational reminders.

She believes the impact of design and how it can bring peace and purpose in our everyday life. Her design allows her creative voice to speak out loud but with her own voice, she want to teach, inspire, guidance and stay true to her name which means Guidance. She hopes Karama company can serve as the light of daily inspiration and guide people to peace and purpose.


The ability to see beauty in her surroundings is what inspires her work. That is why most of her designs are patterns of her personal photography and art. Hoda hopes are products continue to inspire everyone to find peace and purpose in their everyday life. Karama products are now proudly loved by people around the world.