Why giving yourself a week off of Social Media is needed

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The last week of the year, I unintentionally gave myself a break off of social media. I didn't plan to do to this, I simply just didn't care to go on anymore. It is difficult to do something like that when you are running a brand. And now on the last day of the year, I realized that I did it for my brand.

I feel like we tend to get lost in a world that doesn't exist, proving to everyone how great our lives are. And I get it no one wants to go on Instagram and see depressing posts, but we then do something that is so unhealthy for the mind, body, and soul and we start to compare ourselves. 

" Comparison is the thief of joy"

Right now, you are going through your Instastories and watching everyone talk about how great their year was, posting pictures of the places they traveled, the people they met and you are probably in your bed saying "Wow this year sucked for me."

Well, I can tell you this, it did not suck. I have one thing you can be grateful for right now.  You are reading this post, that means you can afford to own a device and that device has internet, right there you have something most people in the world wish they had. Use it to your advantage. Use your device to inspire people. Call or text someone right now and tell them how great they are. Be grateful for what you have because someone somewhere is looking at you and wishing they were you. 

I created this brand to give back, which is why I named it Karama (generosity). The brand is more than learning how to design a perfect space or style, it's about designing a perfect life. A life filled with giving, peace, and purpose. 

I know first hand of how tough life gets, I recently suffered from anxiety that lead to chest pain and this year was the year I put a stop to it.  I started meditating, doing yoga, reading inspirational books, created a grateful journal, taking daily walks, unfollowed people on social media and most importantly gave myself a phone limit. The results: I am happier than ever. My life is great even if it feels like it is falling apart, it is still great because I chose to have a positive mindset. 

And that is what you should exactly do. If you find yourself getting depressed, sad and/or angry, get off your phone, try to give yourself a week off and learn more about yourself. Understand the root of your feelings. Before you follow more people who are inspiring and unfollow those who you tend to compare yourself to. Now when you come back on social media your feed will be filled with daily inspiration. And suddenly you will notice that your life is amazing!

I want to hold true to my name, Hoda, which means guidance and guide you to live a better life. I can not wait to share my stories of self-development, using both my psychology and interior design degrees to show you that you too can design your perfect life. 

I am excited about this coming year because I want to get closer to those who followed our brand and be your daily inspiration.  Karama is going to go through a few changes in this coming year but don't worry you can subscribe to our newsletter and I will personally update you on what exciting things we have in store. We are going to try our best to be your brand that gives you peace and purpose. Follow our journey @karamabyhoda