We have been getting lots of questions about which charities we donate to. We have a page with all the details of how and where your money goes. Please visit here.

However, we haven't gone in depth to why we wanted our company to give back.

Today's blog post is dedicated to why Karama feels the need to give back and why it is good for you to start giving.

Why do we give back?

Simply put, because it is our duty.  Not only is it our duty as a Muslim to give but it is also our duty as a citizen of the world. 

"Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do. Period."

When I changed my company, I wanted to focus on making a difference. I didn't want to be a company that just made and sold things. I felt that something was missing in my life. Working a 9-5 job, while running my then-business Secret Veils. I wanted to do something more. I quit my job and started focusing on the change. I chose a name that reminded me of being generous . Karama. And from then on the rest was history. 

But it wasn't easy, it still isn't easy. Being a small business with a small team, trying to make the prices reasonable. Praying that we will have enough for a new collection while making sure that a percentage goes to charity is really hard. And to be honest at times, I think of just getting a 9-5 job again so I can make ends meet. But then I am reminded of the feeling of giving back.

I love seeing my designs on customers whether it be on themselves or in their homes. My heart explodes with joy to see something in my mind turning into a product that someone loves.  

Karama is still a new business barely 5 years old. The feeling of knowing that our tiny company is making a difference in the world is a feeling one can not explain. Yes it is important for us to grow as a business but it is more important for us to grow into a better human being and making others happy.

Whether you give money or your time; giving back is a feeling that has been scientifically proven to be good for your mental and physical health.  

7 reasons why is giving good for you?

1)  Great for your health. Some of the health benefits of giving are: greater happiness, lower stress levels, less depression, increased self-esteem, lower blood pressure and longer life. 

2) Improve your social skills. It's important for us to socialize. We are built that way. Isolation can cause depression. Volunteering can be a great outlet to meet others and relieve the sense of social isolation.

3) Getting closer with your community.  Simple acts of giving, like baking cookies handing them out to your neighbors or even helping someone with their bags, can help create a safe environment. It can also give you someone close to turn to when you need help

4) Grow as a person. Helping others allows you to grow as a person. Your life expends outside of your own bubble and you learn how you are needed in this world to make it a better place.

5) Sharing your talent. Everyone has a skill, talent or experience from which someone else can benefit. Use your skill to help others. Your talents will sharpen once you share your knowledge. 

6) Gain new perspective. Seeing people who are less fortunate than you can really give you a fresh new pair of eyes. Viewing the world around you differently and remind you to be thankful for what you have.

7) Get closer to God. In almost every faith, giving is essential part of your beliefs. God loves those who do good.

Remember when you feel like giving up think of those who are less fortunate than you. No matter how tough your life is there is someone out there who has it worse.

The Prophet Muhammad [ﷺ] said: "Look at those who are less fortunate than you, not those who are better off than you, so that you do not belittle God's blessings." [Source: Bukhari] 

And if you don't have the time or money to give, then simply smile. Because even that is considered an act of charity.  :) 


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