3 Ramadan Decor Tips

In just a few days the month of Ramadan will be upon us, this is the perfect time to decorate your home. Here are three Ramadan decor tips 

1) Decorate the heart of your home 

Where ever the heart of your home is be sure to decorate it a little extra. . Decorating the room where your family spends most of their time in will keep the holiday spirit running all month long. For most families the living room serves as a perfect place. If you have a fire mantel decorate it with a Ramadan banner (you can download yours for FREE here)  or hang prints that wish a Happy Ramadan. Scatter crescents and star objects around the house. Any form of decoration is encouraged to get excited for the holy month.  

2) Light it up

Twinkling lights have always associated with Ramadan, especially lanterns . Try buying pretty lanterns and hang them up or even use them as a centerpiece. If you are up for a DIY make your own lantern. ( WATCH here to see how)  Even adding string lights or candles around the house will create a festive atmosphere. 

3) Set the table

Always set the table every night. It is a blessing we get to break our fast to food, unfortunately some people aren't so lucky. Setting up the table will help make you appreciate this blessing. Take a few minutes before you break your fast to set up the table. Be creative.