Together we are one

KARAMA's “Together We Are One” campaign is the voice to our vision. Let me give you a quick break down of the mission of the vision!


Beyond the Designs.

We want to go beyond barriers and give the world a visual as to what we stand for. As humans, we will always have our physical identities. Sometimes, we overlook the fact that we are all the same. We all need love. We are one.

Karama is progressively working to create pieces that reflect our message. Unfortunately, the media has been used as a device to divide us. With all the recent tragedies, the news has put an underlying fear in a lot of our hearts.

In 2012, I wanted to create scarves that have stories and meanings. So, I did just that! I had printed my first “Freedom is Yours” (calligraphy) scarf.  The purpose of this scarf is to serve as a reminder to us, we are all as free as we allow our mind to be. Free minds and free spirits can unite us.  


After that sold out I created Arabesque design scarves, which became out signature look.

 It all began with our trip to Morocco. I noticed how people from all over the world were in awe of the rhythmic flow of the curves and lines in the Arabesque designs in many of the Moroccan architecture. For a moment everyone put aside the great Islamic history these buildings hold and simply basked in the beauty. The Blissful Blooms collection was inspired by the blooming of flowers . Flowers bloom after a harsh winter, which serves as a reminder that there is ease after every hardship. By blending flowers and the arabesque designs together to remind those who are facing difficulties that there is hope. Over the years the media has portrayed Islam in a negative light. I envisioned creating something that can help us look past our differences and appreciate a beauty of art, regardless if the word "Islamic" is in front of it. Just pure art. To realize that we aren't as different as they make us to be, beauty and art can be appreciated by all. To see Karama products enjoyed by people from all different faiths and backgrounds reminds me that together we are one.

For our new collection of pillows, we decide to create larger bolder pillows with strong messages. What we did, is print scriptures from various religious texts. Now, we didn’t add the source of that text on the pillow. Why? The source of the message is not the focus, showing unity in our principals and beliefs is the goal. At the end of the day, all religions promote peace and unity regardless of who or what you are. 


 We believe in 3 great things. Create great products. Give back to others. Unite all. 

We are all connected no matter what your faith or race may be. At Karama, we are creating a movement of making the world a better place through unity and peace. We work hard to create items that everyone from all different faiths and backgrounds will enjoy. The more you love our products and purchase the more we can give back to charities.

 We believe the more we gain the more we should give. It is our duty as citizens of the world and God’s creatures to help one another.

 Do good, feel good. Do better , be better.  Gain more. Give more.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. It is really important to me because it brings everything I am passionate about together. 

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