Life Update + 5 Must-Have Items to stay sane!

Life Update

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There is no doubt that this summer has been the busiest season yet. I haven't had a chance to write a blog post and actually create content. I seriously miss creating content, I realized that this part of running a business was actually my favorite part, and when I am not doing that I feel like something is missing in my life. Dramatic? Maybe, but it is true!

The reason why I haven't been uploading as much is because we decided to extend our brand by adding a home styling service.  It feels so good to literally create something with your hands and watch a house transform into a home. In a span of a month, we had 3 projects- 2 home styling and 1 commercial styling. God Is Great!

Before the home styling began, I was pursuing the degree of my dreams, Design Psychology. I already own a BA in Psychology and I am a certified Interior Designer, but when I saw a degree that combined the two together I needed to take it! It was fun and it didn't feel like I was studying because it all just clicked to me.

What is Design Psychology you ask?

"Design psychology concerns the environment in which people live and the relationship between that environment and what kind of behavioral effects it has on inhabitants. The aim is to create a positive emotional response through designing the environment to better suit the patient's needs."

I couldn't wait to take what I learned and start creating spaces that not only look good but actually made you feel good.  I am excited to bring that same concept with the new products we will create for Karama.

While doing all that, I was running other businesses on the side, that are actually really fun but quiet time consuming.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I will share more.

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That is the business update, for my life update?  Well, there is a lot of personal changes happening. It was hard to run all this with a dash of drama on the side but I knew that I had to take care of myself and keep moving forward. One day, I will reveal these changes for you all. But for now here are the 5 items that helped me stay sane during this summer of changes. 

5 Must Have Items

1) Diffuser-  This is number one for a reason. Every night after a long day at work, I put my favorite essential oils in the diffuser and unwind. My favorite oil is lavender, the secent truly calms you.

2) Moroccan Mint Green Tea - Okay, you guys know I am a tea addict. This tea is my favorite way to start my day. It suddenly teleports me back to Morocco with every sip I take, and the mint is quite refreshing.  

3) You are a Badass- I love this book! It was so moving and was a perfect read for the season of change I was experiencing. 

4) Water Pillow - I swear by this pillow! Before this pillow, I use to wake up with neck pains. I have no idea how I sleep but this pillow does the trick. Here is the thing, I actually don't put water into the pillow, for some reason it was too stiff for me. 

5) Gratitude Journal- Every night, I write at least one thing I was grateful for during the day. No matter how bad the day was I made sure to write something that was positive. This exercise truly makes you appreciate your life.  


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