The Ultimate Guide to create Self-Love at Home


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Your home should be filled with love, but I know at times it can be hard. Especially if you share your home with family members or room mates. But that doesn’t mean it should stop you from creating a loving space. No matter where you rest your head, it should inspire you to bring love into your life. Here are some quick tips you can try to bring self love into your home and soul today. 



Mirror Mirror on the Wall- Look in the mirror and smile. Just smiling will instantly unleash positive energy.  

Write it Down- Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself. Really focus on what great things you bring into this world.  

Meditate - it is important to just disconnect from the world for a few moments and meditate. The more you do this the easier you can clear your mind. When I added this to my daily routine I noticed how peaceful and loving I became. 



Stretch- Your body deserves your attention. Taking time to stretch out shows that you care and love your body. When I do this every morning I thank my body for allowing me to carry on following my dreams.

Drink Right- The best way to continue self love is to keep hydrated. I love keeping a water bottle on my desk. If that’s too boring for your then drink a smoothie or some herbal tea. 

Bath Time- Grab some bath bombs, rose Petals and your favorite scented candles and just soak in the goodness. Unwinding is important. Try to take a good long bath at least once a week. You deserve it!  



Time to Declutter- the best way to start fresh is to declutter your space. Start getting rid of items that bring no value or love to you and give them away to charity.  

Add Nature- Nature is a great way to send endorphins to your life. Buy yourself flowers or a plant. You can even pick some from a garden (make sure it’s yours haha) Make sure to allow natural light to come into your home. 

Create a Serenity Spot- No matter how small your space is, you should designate a spot to relax. In this spot you can add your favorite candle, a soft blanket or pillow, inspirational art or any element that helps define you and brings peace to you. My serenity spot is in a corner by a window facing trees. I decorated the space, with a candle, plant and a basket with my prayer mat, blanket and a pillow. I come here every morning to rejuvenate my day.  



There you have it the best way to bring Self Love into your home. I noticed a great shift in my life when I started carrying out these tips. Loving yourself isn’t vanity , it’s sanity. Taking care of yourself will allow you to give and receive love.






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