How to have a fresh start every week.


I find it really important to start every week with a fresh mindset. Here are my tips that help me and will hopefully help you too!

What do I do to give myself a fresh start every week?

1) Clear out your desk

Clearing out your desk every week might seem excessive to some but to me I find it so refreshing. Over the week things start to pile up and before you know it you are stuffing things in your drawer that you don't need or possibly something that you did need and you thought it was lost all this time but really you just threw it in a pile of junk. (that never happened to me.......)  

Once your space is clear so will your mind.

2) Surround yourself with POSITIvity   

Print out an inspirational quote and stick it to your wall or frame it on your desk. Surround yourself with a positive reminder to help motivate you. I hang some of Karama's prints on my wall and try to have some form of God's creation on my desk, for example roses. To have something that I know only God can create serves as a good reminder that my Lord is near me and he will help me through any difficulties I will face. 


3) Plan it out

The first thing I do Monday morning, is grab my planners and I print out this Weekly Planner...(you can too!)

I like to have two separate planners, one planner is a calendar book where I can write down the details of business things I need to do and the other is this weekly planner I like to print out for simple chores.


I think of all the things I should do this week. This usually takes a while because instead of writing down what I need to do I end up over thinking of all the designs I would like to create.

Then before you know it instead of designing one pillow I end up designing five pillows. It is hard not to get carried away while designing, to me when I have a design in mind, I need to take it out. I spend hours, nights and days just to take this idea in my head out into a physical form. 

Break it down before you breakdown.

I try to take it easy and break down the designs or whatever it may be into the week, for example instead of designing 5 pillows Monday 12am to 12pm , I force myself to clam down and do a design a day. That way I don't reach my mental capacity and breakdown Wednesday morning crying while I make toast (that never happen...)

There is nothing wrong with doing something in small amounts. It's healthier for you, not to drain yourself. We are in a era where multi-tasking is the complete norm, even your phone allows you to open more than one app at once. If you are a woman your brain is like 209831204 tabs opened and you are sitting there looking all pretty and smiling while your insides are about to crack and burst into tears . 

We need to  learn to take it easy. I like to make sure I work out everyday before I start working. Self care is very important. 

Give yourself an off button.

Close your work laptop at 8pm. Sit down watch a show, eat a cookie....(we all know that cookie will turn into a pack of cookies) and just unwind. Then do it all over, before you know it, its Sunday and you can do the most satisfying thing ever....  grab that weekly planner paper ,crumble it up and throw it away. 

You did it! You conquered the week.

If you are an environmentalist instead of printing a bunch of papers you can put it in a picture frame. Check out my video to see how.

And that is how I give myself a fresh start every week.

Hope that helps you out. Let me know what you like to do.

Make something beautiful,