Your Personal Interiors personal interiors- design with purpose

At Karama, we love to create beautiful interiors that inspire you to design your lifestyle with pretty and purposeful products, but also we want to go on a deeper connection with you. We don't want to just help perfect your home interiors but also your personal interiors. 

We all have personal interiors- the mind, body and soul. These are the interiors we want to inspire you to perfect. Your personal interiors are more important than your external interiors. They define you and reflect who you are.

I thought that my degrees in Psychology and Interior Designs would never merge. That if I wanted to practice them I had to keep them separate. I sat there thinking of ways to marry the passion to design and to help people in one platform. Then I thought of the word interior which meant being within.  The word interior didn't need to just define home decor and could be also used as your inner being. The mind, the body and the soul.

Just like your home, your personal interiors need a constant clean up and redesign. It is Karama's mission to help you perfect those personal interiors and home interiors. 

From now on, Karama will now be your interior experts. The inspirational quotes we use on our products serve as spiritual reminders. It is our mission to DESIGN YOUR LIFE you want to live.   

Be sure to keep your eye out for #personalinteriortalks on our posts that will hopefully inspire you and lift your soul.



Just as the water reflects the stars and moon, the body reflects the mind and soul.

- Rumi