Lady Boss: 5 tips to a Creative Process

ladyboss-creative process

Hi all! Today on the blog we are talking about my creative process. A few of you have requested to know what are the steps I do when creating a product. Of course, everyone's creative process is different. There is no certain formula for a creative process, it really depends on the person. 

Here are my steps:

Step 1: Write it down. It is so important to write down your ideas. To see your ideas written on a piece of paper turns visualizing your idea into a reality. Every time you have an idea of a product write it down. Don't feel like it needs to be perfect, just get it out of your head and on to something physical. 

Step 2: Finding Inspiration. I love taking photos for inspiration. Get out of your creativity bubble and find inspiration. Getting away from my desk, and going for a walk with my camera is how I find inspiration for new products. I find it the best way to get my creative juices flowing, especially when I use my photos and turn them into products. 

Step 3: Creating a Virtual Moodboard: Pinterest is the best virtual mood board out there. It's like a virtual magazine with tons of images to look at. Create an Inspo board. You can make it private so no one can see and grab images that inspire your new collection.

Step 4: Creating a Physical Moodboard: Like writing your ideas on paper, it is better to create a physical mood board. Grab images from a magazine, draw, write down inspirational quotes, anything that reminds you of your product idea.  

Step 5: Designing. This is the fun part, wich is my favorite. When I am confident with my idea, I jump start to this step. Designing doesn't have to be perfect. I have many drafts when it comes to one product. I never go ahead with a product until I ask my team what they think.  Allow yourself to grow in the process.

So there you have it, friends! My 5 tips to my creative process. What do you like to do when you are creating? Share your thoughts down below. I would love to know more. 

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