Perfecting your Shelfie Game

shelfie game

I must admit the idea of opening shelves did scare me at first. I am a huge fan of having everything hidden away in cute boxes. But I also have items that don't deserve to be hidden away so I had to brave it out and try to create a clean #shelfie. I want to turn my $19.99 Ikea shelf into a great studio statement piece. 

Here are some tips I used when I wanted to perfect my shelfie game:

Take it all off

I find it so much easier when I strip it all off(I am talking about the shelves;). It is like a clean canvas, you can work better when you have a fresh start. Put everything you like to put on the shelves on one side, and start styling shelf by shelf.

Use the same tones

Since this is a studio shelf, I like to use our brand colors, gold, black, white and blush pink. I collected things in those colors and started to work from there. Using the same tones creates a theme that gives a more continuous effortless look. 

Less is more 

This is the part that makes me nervous. It is so easy to get carried away with adding all the things you want to display, but by doing this it will create a busy and messy shelf. I changed my shelves several times until I got the look I sort of wanted. I am a very indecisive person so when it comes to displaying items I love I sure do take my time. I found it easier to display fewer items. 




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