5 Rumi Quotes to live by

rumi quotes

Every morning, I wake up, read through inspirational quotes and start designing graphics for @Karamaco Instagram stories. I have been doing this religiously for months. You might be wondering why would I waste my time doing that? Well, I find it so important to wake up with a positive mindset. Even if the rest of the day goes bad, I know that I can look forward to tomorrow morning and share positivity with my followers and most importantly for myself. #selflove 

This is why personal interiors (mind, body, and soul)  are important to our Karama brand. We want to inspire you every day. To find peace and purpose in your everyday life. I know first hand, how hard life gets. I had countless doors shut in my face, losing people I loved in my life, financial hardship and anxiety that started to affect my life. I knew I had to change. I knew that life isn't suppose to be all hard. That there is a reason to my pain. That this pain has a purpose. And that purpose was Karama. Creating this brand means the world to me, it brought me out of the darkness and into the light. 

But I couldn't do it all without you, my readers encouraging me along the way. And I also couldn't do it without inspirational people like Rumi and his words. That's why I decided to create five printable downloads for you from my favorite inspirational Rumi quotes. 


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