5 tips to create an Instagram that defines you



Hey there Beautiful Doer! So let's talk Instagram.  I get lots of compliments and questions about my Instagram feed. Instagram is my all time favorite social media app. However, over the years I had a love/hate relationship with it.



Since it has launched I was dedicated to creating the best content possible. I believe Instagram is crucial to have if you are a business owner and a serious blogger. Think of Instagram as a FREE billboard, advertising you or your product, so why not take advantage of that? Creating a feed that defines you/your brand is more than taking nice pictures, it's about showing the world the best version of you.


I know many of us get all soaked up into the social media world. Focused on creating content and forgetting to appreciate the moment. I was a victim of this. I was visiting all these wonderful places, creating new products, and even dressing up just to take photos in hopes of a few likes. And the worst part of it all, I wasn't having fun. That is not what Instagram should be about.

Think of Instagram as your creative outlet. Your feed is your portfolio, and think of your followers as a tribe, "The Good Vibe Tribe". You want to be surrounded by people who inspire you and you want to inspire others. With that being said, you got good content but it's not being displayed the way you want it to. Well, let me try to help.

Here are some quick free tips you can apply to your feed. 


1) Decide on a theme. 
There are so many themes you can have. As you can tell with Karama's theme we like to keep a bright, airy feel. To achieve this look we like to use a lot of white space. It gives the feed a less cluttered feel. Your theme could also include a grid layout. Some users like to upload quotes, then a picture. Our grid layout is random. It really depends on your style. Your feed is your voice. 

2)  High-Quality photos only.
You don't need to invest in a high-quality camera or phone. All you need to really work on is the angles of the shot, make sure whatever you want your focal object to be is clear. Any photo/camera can help you achieve the high-quality look. Avoid using the low resolution front facing camera.

3) Lighting Lighting Lighting
No one likes dark photos. I have seen themes that are gloomy and some what chic which is fine because they add on a filter.  If you have a DSLR, invest in an external flash. If you just use your phone that is fine but do not use your flash! Chances are if you are using your phone flash, the image is too dark, resulting in a poor image quality. Natural lighting is your best friend. Take pictures near the window or outside. 

4) Always Edit. 
Even if your picture seems fine, make sure you edit it to match the rest of the theme on your page. You can download apps like Vsco or Snapseed. I like to use Snapseed and surprisingly I edit via Instagram. I play around with the Brightness, Highlight, Color, and Contrast. But if you don't feel like doing all the work, just slap a Vsco's filter on. 

5) Colors

If you are a business, show off your brand colors. We like to throw in black, white, and pinks on our feed. Colors are fun. You could be creative and do 3 posts with the same color. 

Extra Tip: Have fun and enjoy the moments. When creating content and when uploading your content, enjoy and embrace the journey. It is not about the likes or the follows, it is about sharing the world and the best parts of your life. It is about inspiring others and connecting with the rest of the world. Your feed is your voice, so what do you want to say to the world? 

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Still, need help?

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