How to pull off a Soft and Subtle Look


September has this new reputation of being the new January, and I agree. There is something about the summer that makes you unproductive and in constant chill mode. For mothers especially whose children are out of school now have to spend most of their time taking care of their children. But for 20 something-year-olds like me, it is more about not wanting to stay home and going out to soak up the sun.

Especially me, I always come back home from England, and you can image how much sunshine I need. So I feel like it is a job to go out every day. I try to be productive but it seems to hard. So now that the air is getting cooler I feel like it is time for a new start. And what better to start fresh than to create a home with a soft and subtle look. 


White feels right

Creamy whites and soft neutral tones create a fresh start like a new white crisp page of your journal, waiting for you to write your story. It allows your mind to think clearer. Add elements with light colors around your home. 


Add cushions that are well-plumped. Throw pillows are a must, get some of our inspirational quote pillows to motivate you to start your day right. 

The feels

Incorporate textures like lace for a romantic delicate look or faux furs to get ready for that 'let's snuggle' sessions.  


Be sure to add some inspiration around the house to help you stay motivated and productive. You can find some prints in our shop or even download some freebies down below!