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Hi Beautiful! Today I am sharing my favorite products I use every morning. Mornings in general are my favorite part of the day. From 7-11am, I use that time for self-care and to reconnect with the Universe. I came across a Rumi quote that stuck with me and I think of every morning "The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep." ~Rumi 

 I can go on and on, on talking about my morning routine but for now I will share about the products I love and use every morning. Over the years, I struggled with finding the products that suited my face. I have extremely sensitive skin. I soon realized that any non-organic products I put on my skin will irritate it. I spent hundreds of dollars to find the best natural products and I can now safely say these products won't break the bank and in my opinion the best of the best. 

Pink Toothbrush Moroccan Velvet Pillows

First up...

1) GOBY toothbrush- First of all it is all PINK! They have an option of having it in all black but I have been feeling girly these days and needed the pink. Why I love this toothbrush?! It isn't like your boring electric toothbrush it is different because it gives you the option to switch to different "quadrants" (sensitive or standard modes) of your mouth. It also has a built in timer to ensure you to brush for the dentist recommended of two minutes.  

2) Ice Roller-  I use the Ice Roller on my face every morning. It is like a shot of expresso, the coolness wakes me up instantly. The ice roller on your face will apparently make you look revitalized and young. It lifts your face and improves dry skin.

3) 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice- I like to pair this with the ice roller. It is a renewal serum. I use this around my eyes. It's plumping extracts and restorative antioxidants boost moisture to smooth and soften while help to protect skin against age-contributing environmental stressors plus it smells great!

4) Trader Joe's 100% Pure Jojoba Oil- I love this oil!!! It isn't thick like most oils. My skin gets really dry during the winter, I use many oils when I shower and at night to prevent dry skin. But during the morning I like something light and the jojoba oil is perfect. It promotes skin health and contains vitamin E and B which are great for your skin.

5) Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturzing Face Lotion SPF 15- This stuff is the best! The struggle I get when finding facial products is always a face lotion. I always break out or my face turns red. So far the Trader Joe's lotion is the best yet! And it is cheap under $10! 

6) Karama Velvet Pillows- You know I had to add these ! I love the feel of these velvet pillows in the morning! I wish you could all feel it. Waking up to these colors and touching the softness is the cherry on top to my mornings. 

Moroccan Velvet Pillows Mornings Natural Products

There you have it. These are the top products I use every morning without a doubt. I put them all in my Karama pouch (you can get yours for free with a scarf purchase) and take them everywhere with me. 

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But wait there is more.....

I wanted to give you a free printable of the Rumi quote I talked about earlier. You can save this as a wallpaper or even print it out and hang it on your wall! 

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