Lady Boss Confession


Since I spend most of my day in the #KaramaStudio I tend to miss out on the little joys of life. I am trying to be more flexible with my schedule. Most people think that running your own business means you have the freedom to do whatever you wish. It is true but in order to be a successful business you need to make serious time for your business. I am on a strict schedule. I struggle with time management so it is crucial to do things at a certain time.

But because I created a strict schedule I noticed I was missing out the chances to just relax during the day. Normally I start work at 10am and stop working at 4pm. I also make sure I don't do any work during the weekends. And sadly that still isn't enough time to do what I want.

Recently I decided to outsource work that I don't physically need to do. I know as a business owner you want to save money and try to do everything on your own. But the reality is you actually lose money and most importantly you lose time. Money comes and goes but time is priceless. 

Make time for the important things. And to me, it is taking random walks in the city with friends.  Also dressing up and taking pictures in the city is fun too ;) (You can find a cheaper option of my outfit here )

Winter NYC Street Modest Style - Karama by Hoda



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