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Come to Prayer. Come to Success.

I know you guys love these style boards of our prints. I haven’t done one in ages but here it is.

I created a Modern Moroccan Boho Look. These pieces were so fun to find. I wanted to incorporate touches of black for our theme this month of success. Black’s most common association is power & success. Too much black in your home can be overpowering but having touches around the house can create a well balanced space.

I hope you like it!

Behind the Print Design…..

This is by far my favorite saying…it is used in Muslim’s call to prayer. If I learned anything in my business journey it was definitely that prayer played a major key to my success.

Everyday I go to my serenity spot, and talk to God. I am a big believer in energy. I feel like we all give off a certain energy and when you give off the right vibes you will receive it.

Tell me what you think?!

Come to Prayer Come to Success -  Fine Print
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Come to Prayer Come to Success - Fine Print
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