Monthly Motivation- Personal Interiors

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I thought it would be interesting to share my monthly goals. Last month I got side tracked by tons of design ideas, personal things, and business.

Towards the end of the month, I ended up getting anxiety attacks. I use to think I was overly anxious but when I started to get these painful chest pains, I knew something was wrong.

It was this very shift that made me want to bring more awareness to mental health.

That is when I knew it was time to slow down and listen to my personal interiors(mind,body and soul). I thought this blog post would be a fun accompliabilty project to keep me and hopefully you in check.

Feel free to use this monthly goal list.

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I spent the first week of this month getting really organized. I have way too many planners and seem to have my ideas and to-dos all over the place. So I decided to stick to one planner and transfer all of my other planners online.

For my main goals, I want to take my time doing things, stop multitasking and stop listening to educational podcasts. LOL strange right? But I noticed I get overwhelmed with a lot of knowledge which got me sidetracked with new ideas and harder for me to do my current goals.

I want to do more massive action and less passive action.

I also want to design for fun and not for work as much. I noticed when I wasn’t designing I was getting stressed out again. This brand was built on the sole purpose of using creativity to relax. I decided this month to outsource the boring logistic work and start designing again!

Looking forward creating new prints!

Reminder: Design is my passion first and profession second. :)

monthly goal setting karama by hoda.jpg